About Alabama Partnership for Telehealth

Key Note Speakers

Cynthia Rodgers

Cynthia Rodgers can be described as an orator, a national motivational speaker, an educator and an entertainer, but her at her core, she is a servant. Since September of 2000, Ms. Rodgers has served as a clinician at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her Primary responsibility there as a clinician is the linkage and retention of woman, children and youth living with or affected by HIV/AIDS within a multidisciplinary clinical setting. She provides case management services and HIV treatment and adherence counseling to her patients and their affected family members with a myriad of other psychosocial support services for the retention of patients in care.

Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor is the former Assistant Dean of the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, as well as the Director of the Center for Strategic Health Innovation (CSHI) and the National Center for Disaster Medical Response. During his decade at the University he served as the principal investigator on over 50 grants for health innovation research and disaster response.

APT’s vision is to positively impact the health and quality of life of the citizens of Alabama through the innovative use of technology with telehealth and telemedicine.

Alabama Partnership for TeleHealth, Inc. (APT), a charitable nonprofit corporation, is a new agency in Alabama with a focus on increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology.  In collaboration with Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth (www.gatelehealth.org),   Georgia’s highly successful nonprofit state-wide TeleHealth network and the federally (OAT) funded Southeastern TeleHealth Resource Center (www.setrc.us), APT will strive to serve the citizens of Alabama by promoting and supporting new and existing telehealth programs across the state.

With the support of Governor Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks, Director of the Alabama Rural Development Office, the Alabama Partnership for TeleHealth will provide an opportunity for TeleHealth services to expand and provide greater access to healthcare to all of Alabama.