About Alabama Partnership for Telehealth

APT’s vision is to positively impact the health and quality of life of the citizens of Alabama through the innovative use of technology with telehealth and telemedicine.

Alabama Partnership for TeleHealth, Inc. (APT), a charitable nonprofit corporation, is a new agency in Alabama with a focus on increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology.  In collaboration with Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth (www.gatelehealth.org),   Georgia’s highly successful nonprofit state-wide TeleHealth network and the federally (OAT) funded Southeastern TeleHealth Resource Center (www.setrc.us), APT will strive to serve the citizens of Alabama by promoting and supporting new and existing telehealth programs across the state.

With the support of Governor Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks, Director of the Alabama Rural Development Office, the Alabama Partnership for TeleHealth will provide an opportunity for TeleHealth services to expand and provide greater access to healthcare to all of Alabama.